Best Filter-less Humidifiers

If you reside in an area where winters are incredibly chilly and dry, investing in a humidifier is a smart move. Humidifiers add humidity to your surroundings as they enhance your home’s, room’s, or office’s humidity. However, replacing filters on these humidifiers is tricky and expensive. Due to this, choosing a filter-free humidifier is the best option for you. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best filterless humidifiers in the shops. Take a look!

Comparison Table

§  Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom. §  Auto switch-off

§  Operates silently

§  A runtime of 50 hours

§  Covers a 500 sq. ft. area

§  LEVOIT Bedroom Large Room Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer. §  Comes with three fragrance pads

§  LCD screen

§  Covers an area of 732 sq. ft.

§  36 hours runtime

§  Venta Air Washer (White) LW45 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier §  One day runtime

§  800 square feet coverage area

§  Large water tank capacity (3-gallon)

§  Water level indicator

§  Vornado Evaporative EV100 Full Room Humidifier with 1-Gallon Tank. §  A runtime of 24 hours

§  Humidifies an area of 300 sq. ft.

§  Three fan settings

§  Six output levels

§  Pure Guardian H3200WAR Ultrasonic Chilly Mist Humidifier. §  Can cover 440 sq. ft.

§  100 hours runtime

§  Comes with a night light and timer

§  Aromatherapy tray

§  Homech 6-Litre, 26dB Chilly and Silent Ultrasonic Humidifier. §  430 sq. ft. coverage area

§  A runtime of 100 hours

§  Comes with safety features

§  Safeguarded circuit board

§  Honeywell HWM-705B (Black) Filter-free Warm Moisture Humidifier §  The area of coverage is 330 sq. ft.

§  A runtime of 24 hours

§  Comes with an essential oil saturation bowl.

§  Four color choices.

§  Homasy 2.5-Litre Humidifier with an Essential Oil Diffuser. §  Covers 330 sq. ft.

§  Operates for 30 hours

§  360 degrees effective humidification

§  Sleep mode and two mist levels

§  Vicks Filter-less Ultrasonic Chilly Mist Humidifier with 1.2-Gallon Tank. §  Compatible with Vicks VapoPads.

§  Covers an area of 400 sq. ft.

§  Runs for 30 hours

§  Automatic switch off.

§  Cool Mist Humidifier – C Humidifier for Bedroom. §  Covers an area of 200 sq. ft.

§  In-built night light

§  Two distinct mist levels

§  Auto switch-off feature with red LED


Best Filter-less Humidifier Reviews

  1. Everlasting Comfort Chilly Mist Bedroom Humidifier.

If you need a bigger humidifier to add humidity to the air in a larger space, you may want to take into account the Everlasting Mist Humidifier. This filter-free humidifier’s runtime is 50 hours. It implies that you can operate it for two days without refilling.

This is only possible if you select the least humidity setting. The humidifier comes with a 1.6-gallon tank that’s large and easily refillable. However, it might be tricky when it comes to cleaning it. It’s not much of an issue as you only need to get some special brushes to make cleaning hassle-free.

You can keep this ultrasonic humidifier in your bedroom as it operates silently. It also has an LED nightlight and, therefore, if the light doesn’t disturb you, you can keep it on, and if it bothers you switch it off.


  • It doubles up as a diffuser too.
  • It’s easy to set up and use.
  • Operates silently.
  • It permits using essential oils.


  • Cleaning is somewhat hard.

  1. LEVOIT Large Room and Bedroom Warm and Chilly Mist Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer.

The LEVOIT LV600HH is the best filter-free humidifier for large bedrooms. The appliance comes with an auto switch off protection and remote control.

If you want to cover a large space and wouldn’t want to tamper with your humidifier regularly, then this is the model for you. You can be sure it’ll last the whole night as it has a 1.6-gallon water tank.

Although it cannot last up to 50 hours similar to other models, this larger device will produce mist continuously for up to 36 hours. The best part of this humidifier is that you can choose whether you want a chilly or warm mist.

Warm mist is perfect during winter while the cool mist is ideal in summer. In either way, you can lessen allergens, breathe easily, and prevent bacteria growth and mold with one device. To add fragrance to your room and at the same time humidify the space, you can also add essential oils.


  • You can use it throughout the night.
  • The moisture levels adjust automatically.
  • It has user-friendly remote control.
  • It has a large tank capacity.


  • It may be somewhat noisy.

  1. Venta Air Washer LW45 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier (White).

The Venta 2-in-1 is a humidifier that can dry the air and cleanse the water by getting rid of pet dander, dirt, pollen, and allergens simultaneously. The device can humidify a space of up to 400 sq. ft.

Because this is a filter-free humidifier, it’s easy to maintain and clean. The device also utilizes cold water evaporation technology and, therefore, the unit doesn’t produce any of the white dust like other humidifiers do.

It’s easy to set up the device, and it’s indicated clearly on the package. There’s no need to put together any small parts or purchase distilled water. Refilling the device is also a simple procedure and can be executed fast and easily. Besides, refilling won’t cost you a dime as it doesn’t need any special water.

However, this isn’t a silent humidifier as it generates a slight sound that equates to the noise produced by a moving fan. Even if you set it high, the device isn’t too noisy.


  • Cleanses the air and adds moisture.
  • You can improve it using extra parts.
  • It’s user-friendly and easy to set up.
  • It’s perfect for large rooms.


  • The humidifier’s casing isn’t long-lasting.

  1. Vornado Evaporative EV100 Complete Room Humidifier with 1-Gallon Capacity Tank.

When it comes to stopping over-humidification, evaporative humidifiers are generally better than ultrasonic designs. However, the Vornado EV100 can maintain steadfast moisture levels for a long time.

Besides adjusting the fan speed to auto, high, or low, this humidifier offers you the option of dialing a particular level of moisture. But, this is within the confines of the optimal 40 to 60% range of humidification.

It’s a great touch, particularly when you want to have a bit more control than humidifiers with a simple three-notch dial. However, you need to be concerned with the room becoming dangerously damp (which frequently occurs with ultrasonic designs).

Also, the Vornado EV100 humidifier has a big cylindrical tank that’s easy to clean, transport, and open. However, the machine isn’t dishwasher safe. Similar to many Vornado merchandise, this appliance has superb air circulation. It ensures humidity is evenly distributed in the room.


  • It’s easy to control.
  • Cleaning and refilling it is a breeze.
  • With this humidifier, you can personalize your experience.
  • It lasts long.


  • It needs frequent tank maintenance.

  1. Pure Guardian Ultrasonic H3200WAR Chilly Mist Humidifier.

Pure Guardian creates some of the most enhanced humidifiers available. Besides having the best runtime, this appliance works well in all small and medium-sized spaces. Additionally, it has incomparable features to lessen maintenance and maximize effectiveness.

The humidifier’s runtime relies on the speed of the fan you set it to operate on. The higher the velocity, the less time the device will operate on a tank of water. On the lowest setting, this humidifier can operate up to 100 hours continuously. It’s about 40 hours more than other humidifiers.

The manufacturer also understands that you wouldn’t want to do frequent maintenance. Although some maintenance is needed, the device has a special coating on the water tank known as Silver Clean.

The treatment stops mildew and mold from building inside the device and water tank. The model also comes with an essential oil pad to relish the aroma from your preferred oils.


  • Prevents mold using the Silver Clean treatment.
  • It has an empty tank indicator.
  • It’s easy to refill.
  • It’s durable and easy to clean.


  • It has just one pad and, therefore, changing oil is tricky.

  1. Homech 6-Litre, 26dB Cool and Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier.

The Homech humidifier is a pact, ultra-silent design that works better than anticipated. It’s also among the top-rated filter-free humidifiers in the shops these days. If you require a humidifier for a bigger space, then this 2-gallon is your best bet.

The large tank offers you up to 100 hours of incessant operation. Besides, you can select your preferred mist every hour. A bonus feature of this device is the soothing dimmed night light. It makes the humidifier a great addition to your children’s room or nursery.

Maintaining this device is easy because the hose cleans itself and the tank’s broad opening facilitates access using a sponge. Ensure that you turn the humidifier to fill it as the tank is filled from the base – this can be hard.

A humidifier comprises numerous defenseless components, particularly the circuit board. Homech has safeguarded the board using a special nano-coat that guards it against water to avoid damage.


  • It’s durable.
  • It makes you feel comfortable.
  • It has a large capacity tank.
  • Cleaning it is a breeze.


  • The tank doesn’t sit well at the bottom.

  1. Honeywell HWM-705B Filter-less Warm Moisture Humidifier (Black).

The Honeywell filter-free humidifier is the perfect warm mist humidifier you can get. The device generates warm mist in small and medium-sized spaces. Since it’s ultrasonic, it’s also silent as a mouse and a lot more calming.

The tank of this humidifier is slightly smaller and has a 1-gallon capacity. The 1-gallon tank can warm the humidity and generate mist for an entire day. Besides, it also contains an essential oils bowl and, therefore, you can saturate your warm mist using any aroma you prefer.

Additionally, the machine comes with two power settings (high and low), and they’re ideal for keeping your space cozy, warm, and humid throughout winter. The warm mist during summer may not be worthwhile. However, it assists in raising the moisture in the sultry, dry days in August.


  • The tank has a large mouth for easy filling.
  • Operates silently.
  • It’s ideal for a medium-sized room.
  • It requires minimal maintenance.


  • It comes with no moisture settings.

  1. Homasy 2.5-Litre Humidifier with Essential Oil Diffuser.

Homasy provides a design that’s the best inexpensive filter-free humidifier you can get for your office or baby nursery. Although this humidifier may not raise the moisture level in large and medium-sized rooms, it’s perfect for smaller spaces and can operate throughout the night.

The top-fill model facilitates cleaning, using, and filling it. Just lift the lid, add water, and switch it on. If you want to clean it, detach the lid and use the provided cleaning brush.  After that, clean the inside using a cloth or sponge.

If you want to saturate fragrances with your humidifier, the Homasy model is compatible with essential oils. Just add a couple of drops in the water, and the aroma will come out with the humidity.

Ensure you clean the device frequently if you use oils as there are no treatments on the tank and oils can accumulate fast. Also, make sure that you remove the thin oil film leftover and utilize the brush to get to hard-to-reach places.


  • It requires low maintenance.
  • You can adjust the humidifier’s mode.
  • It has excellent build quality.
  • It’s easy to refill.


  • It’s somewhat costly.

  1. Vicks Filter-less Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 1.2-Gallon Tank.

Vicks is a trademark that focuses on breathing, they provide nasal sprays and cold and flu cure and, therefore, it’s not a wonder that their chilly mist humidifier also has numerous health benefits.

It comprises a 1/ 2-gallon tank that gives you around 20 mist hours. Although it isn’t as silent as several other choices in our list, you wouldn’t refer to this machine as a noisy filter-free humidifier. It’s also compact and ideal for kids’ rooms.

Vicks manufactured this humidifier with an emphasis on calming coughs and nasal congestion. Humidifiers are excellent in this, and Vicks permits you to utilize this using a “VapoPad”, that provides a calming effect from oils like lavender, menthol, and eucalyptus.

Besides the moisture that eases congestion and colds, it can halt disease spread also. It’s easy to clean the Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier as it has a crystalline tank and, therefore, you can perceive what you’re doing.


  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Releases calming fragrances into the room.
  • It comes with adjustable output settings.
  • It doesn’t leak.


  • It only fits small spaces.

  1. Cool Mist Humidifier – C Humidifier for Bedroom.

For silent humidification, this ultrasonic humidifier lessens the level of noise to 32dB. Therefore, your work, study, or bedtime won’t be disturbed. It’s the perfect appliance for office spaces and baby rooms.

The Cool C Humidifier can hold up to 2 liters of water has an operating time of up to 25 hours in low mist. It also has coverage of up to 200 square feet for offices, bedrooms, and other medium-sized spaces.

Additionally, calming dim night light provides relaxation when sleeping. The Cool Mist Humidifier also switches off automatically in case of low water level or if the water tank is detached. You don’t have to get worried if you’re leaving home in a hurry.

The humidifier also comes with two mist level settings (high and low settings) with which you can adjust the direction of mist and speed to suit your level of comfort. The easy one-touch switch is easy to comprehend and set up.


  • It works silently.
  • It’s easy to refill and use.
  • It requires cheap maintenance.
  • It has user-friendly buttons.


  • It can leak after some time.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Filter-less Humidifier

Presently, many makers create filter-less designs as per their increasing demand. Consequently, the market is filled with numerous designs and, therefore, choosing the suitable one for you is tricky. There are crucial features to take into account to ensure you purchase the best design. Take a look!

  • The Capacity of the Water Tank.

When purchasing a filter-free humidifier, the water tank’s capacity is a crucial factor to take into account. The device’s efficiency in moisturizing your household solely relies on its water tank capacity.

Besides, you should also know the room size where you’ll be putting the device. It assists you in making a suitable decision.

You should invest in a device that has a big water tank as it implies that it’ll operate for longer periods. In that way, the air is evenly distributed in your room.

  • Moisturizing Technology.

There are two main technology types behind humidifiers. Each of them can execute two functions. Ultrasonic humidifiers utilize resonations to produce the humidity that the fan pushes into the room. These models can operate longer, are silent, and cost a bit more.

Using mechanical means, vaporizers change the water into vapor and dissipate the vapor via the nozzle. These designs are somewhat noisy and usually don’t have the visible moisture trail, a characteristic of ultrasonic designs. The two types can utilize chilly or warm mist through heating the water or not.

  • Energy Efficiency and Safety.

In any electrical appliance, safety is a primary concern, particularly if that device contains water. Humidifiers should come with safety features and if they don’t have, then get a different design. Among the usual features, is an auto shut-off.

In case the appliance overturns, the water tank is elevated, or the tank gets dry, it’ll switch off automatically. If your humidifier doesn’t have these features, you may be at risk of burning the motor of the humidifier, leading to a fire or a short circuit in your household.

You may also need to check the device’s energy efficiency when possible. Since these are small devices, not much thought is given to efficiency.

  • Area of Coverage.

Decide on where you’ll put the humidifier. The room’s size (measured in sq. ft.) can be too big for the humidifier’s capacity you select. Make sure that the humidifier is at least the size of the room or the rooms you intend to use it in.

Here, you should know that bigger isn’t better. For instance, you may generate excess vapor and lead to condensation or high water vapor if you have a bigger capacity humidifier in a small space.

  • Level of Noise.

Humidifiers aren’t too noisy, but you can opt for quiet designs or normal models. Many humidifiers range from 50 to 55dB. It’s sufficient volume to have a little noise during the night. However, it can agitate lighter sleepers.

Ultrasonic designs are the quietest as their noise starts from the mid -20dBs. There’s no noise at all from these models, and you can fall asleep in near silence, hold an ordinary volume conversation without hearing the motor’s hum.

  • Setup, Maintenance, and User-friendliness.

Many humidifiers are user-friendly. The essentials comprise filling the tank, connecting the device, and switching it on. However, some appliances are more intricate and need a little more knowledge.

Features such as voice-command working or remote control, water vapor level settings, automatic timers, and other special functions may need more directions or set up steps. Not only will you operate your humidifier easily, but you’ll also maintain it fast and effectively.

Maintenance is crucial, and this is something you can perform frequently with ease. Large openings, easily accessible parts for cleaning and machines that can be disassembled are perfect for this maintenance type.

  • Additional Features.

Some humidifier firms keep the price lower to lure you to purchase from them. They get rid of some features or don’t include others to ensure the cost remains low. However, several firms add numerous features with the hope that you’ll pay extra for their performance.

Inspect for features such as automatic settings, humidistats, voice-command activation, overflow protection, timer function, remote control, mist output controls, and aromatherapy diffuser. Every feature may add to the general cost, but you can choose the ones you want to pay for.

Lastly, you may want to check the duration and guarantee coverage. Most humidifiers have a 1 to a 2-year guarantee.

However, some can have a warranty of up to five years. You should not only check the duration of the coverage but also what’s covered, when the coverage begins, and what you need to make a claim.


In these humidifiers, the water isn’t filtered. Does it imply that the air will be harmful and contaminated?

Filter-less humidifiers can keep the air moist and clean at the same time. The appliance returns dampness to the atmosphere – as a conventional humidifier – it’s only that it works without a filter.

Although the air remains clean, the appliance has no detachable filters. Rather than detachable filters, the device uses electrostatic charge technology, antibacterial materials, and pre-heating (for warm mist designs) to ensure the air is cleaned and broadcast back to the atmosphere in the form of haze.

Can you set the humidifier for the entire night and is it safe and silent enough?

Usually, it gets chilly at night, and the temperature drops, the air becomes drier and so, you may require a humidifier. A humidifier works by restoring water vapor in your room and it’s completely safe.

Is it safe to use a humidifier around kids?

Yes, filter-free humidifiers are safe for use around kids. Like any appliance with electricity and water and moving parts, ensure that it’s out of reach of toddlers. Select a humidifier with an automatic switch-off feature when overturned, lifted, or knocked over if you have small kids or pets.

Can you use tap water on a filter-less humidifier?

Yes, in your humidifier, you can use tap water, although it’s strongly discouraged. It’s suggested that you use distilled or demineralized water. It’ll help your appliance operate smoother, generate fewer allergens and deposits, and ensure the system is devoid of mold, clogs and facilitate cleaning. If you have to use tap water, ensure that you clean it completely after each use.

Where should you put your humidifier in your home?

Where you’ll put your humidifier depends heavily on the device type and size. Many devices work well on the wall or countertop. When choosing a design with a 360-degree spinning nozzle, you may want to find a more central location. The instruction manual provides placement suggestions that are most appropriate for the model you purchase.

Final Verdict

The best filter-free humidifiers are increasingly becoming popular because of their minimal maintenance costs and silent operation. The appliances operate effectively by increasing the humidity in the air to create cozier home surroundings.

Before choosing an appliance you should take into account its effectiveness and how it’ll suit your lifestyle. Also, bethink about whether it’s easy to clean it and if it’ll save you time and effort. Have fun shopping!




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