Best Furnace Humidifiers Review – Top 5 Picks Of 2021

Dry air is not good for your health. It can affect your health in a number of things. It is hazardous it kills more people in the long run than Covid could ever do. Some of the things dry air does include poor eye health and getting a toll on your skin.  Actually being exposed to dry air could well cause many other sicknesses.

A bigger chunk of up to 90% of Americans is indoors most of the time.

This has a lot to do with their indoor activities and many other activities, house and office chore, and many other acti9vites that will make them stick indoors for the better part of the day.

Many gadgets are there to arrest the situation; however, you need to get it the first time by choosing the best there is in the market in 2021.

Here are some that our editors thought they make a cut. These are purely based on their features, walkability, and customer reviews.


The Best Dry Air Furnace to Buy In 2021


1) GeneralAire 1000A Furnace Humidifier

Inspired by the GeneralAire, the 1000A is arguably excellent because of its low weight. Dynamites come in small packages and this is the actual resemblance of dynamite: whose, despite its lightweight its performance is quite good.

It is also powered by a fan, which means that its evaporating power is superb with not much energy required.  You can count on it for its utmost moisture that you need in your office of living room.

The gadget only weighs 4 pounds but produces up to 18 gallons in a day. This is the best pick especially if you live in a medium sized house measuring approximately 3,000square feet.

While it might be small in size, it has extra features that would fascinate you.

It has a control for automatic mode fixed with a sensor to sniff outdoor temperature against the indoors, and help you set the right for your house at any given moment.

Therefore; there is no need for you to either turn it off or on as it will automatically determine the right temperature needed in your room.



Best Output

While it is a small unit, and weighs less, this unit can produce up to 18 gallons of humidity in a day, this is excellent for small houses

Ease of installation

Upon purchase of this unit, you get a user manual on how to install it. The manual is detailed in 5that you would not need to hire a contractor to do it for you.

Lightweight and small size

The component measures only 14.75x16x10 inches. This is size has room for virtually any size of the house. It is also easy to carry it around whenever there is a need to do so.


A lot of noise

This humidifier is fan-powered which me4ans that it will make some noise. While the noise can disturb in a relatively

noisy house when in a silent house where you need concentration, this might distract you especially when the fun is at full speed.  You can arrest the situation by installing it next to a furnace room or some enclosed space.


2) Honeywell HE300A1005

When you talk about a powerful furnace air drier, you should throw this unit in your list.  With the same output power, maximum on that end as the GeneralAire 1000A as you will see below, it can produce up to 18 gallons of water as humidity daily.

You should get this one because it can cover a room that measures up to 4,000 square feet maximum. This, therefore, means that it’s ideal for large homes. It is better if those homes have multiple rooms also.

The unit features HumidiPRO Digital Humidity Control Technology. The technology ensures that all your rooms are humidity controlled without any manual intervention.  |

You only need to set it and leave it to do its work. The water intake, on the other hand, is modulated thus there is a consistent humidity whenever the on and off switch of your home furnace switches on.


Easy to install

The unit is easy to use again that comes with ease of installation. You only need to hook it on a hot or cold shower line. Be cautious that this action may significantly affect your4 power consumption; either increasing or decreasing it.


Automatic Control

The HumidiPRO digital control allows you to leave it running all day without having to adjust it manually. You’ll have the perfect moisture level all day.

Power performance

The unit outputs a maximum of 18 gallons each day with the possibility of covering up  to 4000square4 feet . While it is an excellent accessory to your large room, it can also work well on medium-sized homes that have many rooms.

Easy to Install

This unit needs to be installed professionally. With that notwithstanding, you can do the installation at home thanks to the provided manual that lets you do it as a professional.

This ensures that you do not incur any amount hiring a copntratct5oer for installing it. You see the unit is a one piece design that has screw holes on its perimeters, and has the screws for installation.

The unit, unlike others that need separate frame assembly, only needs a one step installation

3) Aprilaire 600 Automatic Humidifier

The Aprilaire 600 is another performer. It is pocket friendly but its work is unmatched. The unit boasts of its high coverage least to say its affordability.

It s capable of covering up to 4000 square feet Many want it for its maximum output which is a little more than most. At 16.8gallons per day, you can bank on it for wider coverage. If you are looking for something that can efficiently diffuse moisture, then is what you should spend your time and money on.

Another quality about this is that you only set and forget. The unit can be programmed to your desired humidity daily or even weekly. This also means that you can lower you’re your electricity bills at the touch of its button.  The fact that it lets you control the humidity at home or office to levels that you need even if you are not there makes it a great addition to your home or office.  You only higher it when at home and lower when not at home.



Programming settings

It is easy to program the unit to work around your schedule. This means that when you are out of your home or office, you can set it at low mode. When you are around, you can set it to high mode prepending on the condition. On top of that there is a option to set and forget it. The unit can run for up to seven days on the mode that you set it into.


When you scroll up or down this list you will determine that this is one of the most affordable unit despite its many features. Again when it comes to its coverage and output capabilities you will find out that it performs much better for its price.

Water panel charge indicator

The unit comes with a water panel gauge indicator. When the level of water goes down it will alert you. This is a feature that most households with the average dry air furnace do not have. This one will tell you that the level of water is wanting and needs some addition. The best thing with the model is that you only add water twice a year so you don’t have to check it all the time. The indicator is quite something.



It should be known that this unit is not fan-powered, with dimensions of 15 x 10 x 16 inches and weighs 11 pounds. It cannot run on its own and needs a motor. This therefore means that you may incur higher power consumption than with other models.

4) Emerson HSP2000

Talk of technology when talking about furnace driers and we will point you to where the credits would due. The Emerson HSP2000 is the real deal thanks to its topnotch technology like the safety cut-off-switch, a thermal fan interlock and much more.

The thermal fan interlock for instance makes it able for the unit to add moisture even without heat. The absence of heat therefore translates to low energy consumption which again means you save money in the long run. Let it be known that any heat generated is as a result of electrical energy by the electricity. The feature therefore, without electric energy senses when the room temperature is high and starts, gradually pumping up the humidity and whenever the stability has been reached, the system will quickly shut down.

The safety cut-off switch on the other hand is a built-in feature that monitors overflow of charge and reduce it significantly. The days of worrying about the overcharge that leads to short circuits are long gone when you get this unit.

The unit also comes with a flushing timer to help you flush out excessive water that did not evaporate. The chlorine removal filter ensures that the moisture is well distributed to your rooms. That way it saves you time to go and adjust the pipes so that the moisture could be adequate in the specified room.  Tell you what; the moisture that comes to each room is devoid of toxins or any harmful element. This unit is suitable for a small to medium sized house. The room should not exceed 1,850 square feet.


Chlorine removal filter and an Auto- Flush

These are two features that you might seldom get in the dry air furnace good to buy in 2021. These two work in-tandem in running mold and bacteria. Thus you are rest assured that your unit is as good as new years after purchase. The chlorine removal filter ensures that you can fill out the unit with any kind of water. The auto-flush on the other hand does its work after every two hours, ensuring that there is not any growth of mildew.

The safety cut-off switch

This switch works to get the unit working for long as it prevents charge as a result of the overflow. This means that you can leave the unit to run without having to worry about power overflow. Not all or many units have such a feature. This gives it a competitive edge among the rest.

Thermal Fan Interlock

The unit needs not your furnace in place for it to add moisture into the room. Therefore, the cost of energy bills will go down. There are times when the temperature of your house is a bit high but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there dry air inside. This unit automatically understands that and will effectively control the humidity level in your house even without needing the air conditioning.  It is sure to take your home to optimal air conditioning.


Installation would be difficult

All the units mentioned above come with installation manual. However, our editors found that most of the customers still have issues installing it. They say that it might be a bit difficult but that is not to say that all do not have a breeze.  Therefore it is advisable that when you want to purchase this dray air furnace, you should also consider the ease of installing it. Just a pointer, you will need to buld a transition for this devise. Well not many people are such supper savvy and therefore they would need a professional to do the installation.


  1. Aircare MA1201 Whole-House

You no longer need steam into your house as a humidifier when you can get cool moisture oozing from the Aircare MA1201. The unit humidifies up to 3600 square feet. This unit also can produce a maximum of 12 gallons each day.

Upon the setting the humidity using the controls, the fans are brought to the speed required to give out the needed humidity ion the room. This unit also comes with a digital humidistat that ensures accuracy of humidity in the room when you set it.

The other selling point of this unit is its ease of cleaning and only requires minimal maintenance. Whenever the unit needs to have its filter replaced or it being refilled, the indicators will show you.



Has a built-in humidistat

Most units do not have a digital humidistat. Its work is to keep the humidity at all-time desired level throughout the day, automatically. Whenever the desired level of humidity is reached, the digital system automatically shuts down. Setting it is also easy peasy.

Has multiple fan settings

The dry air furnace has up to four fan speed controls. You can choose any depending on the level of speed humidity you need in your house. Therefore, you get much control of of the humidity in the room while keeping tabs on energy consumption.

Cleaning is easy

With the unit having not many moving parts, cleaning it up is a breeze. The dry air furnace does not consist of wheels, neither pulleys nor belts. The evaporative wick also traps any mineral deposits which is a bonus.


Replacement of filters

The unit has filters that need to be replaced from time to time. Each replacement may be costly

Effects of Dry Air

  • Eye Irritation

In an office environment where the humidity is always low, there is definitely dry air. This is detrimental as it will possibly affect your tear film. The tear film is crucial as it is the one that protects the cornea of the air from damage. When exposed on this for an elongated time, your eyes will eventually start forming. The cornea in its wife and healthy form sees that your eyes can focus well. These patches are in simple terms cataracts.  This sums up what he long run effects would be, blindness.

Before getting blind, you will have to encounter many more eye irritants. Therefore if you stay too long in your enclosed office, especially when you are behind a computer screen, then you should ensure you get breaks from time to time. The breaks ensure that your eyes get naturally moisturized very often, throughout the day.

  • Nosebleeds

Most nosebleeds are as a result of dry air. In very familiar cases, nosebleeds are gotten during the winter months when offices and homes are heated; but they could occur in just about any season. Nosebleeds could be as a result of low indoor air humidity.

Can a dry air furnace help? The air dry furnace regulates the humidity in the house or office so that there is a balanced humidity and no employee will even feel the pinch as when it gets low, this devise is always standby to bring it to normal.

  • Dermatitis and dry skin

In an indoor environment that is especially adjusted by air cons, there is a much more possibility of there being dry air. The environment there can lead to a dry skin and when you look keenly, it will be also rough.  Such a condition can trigger and escalate eczema symptoms.

Dry air causes excess skin elasticity. It makes the barrier functions of the skin to become weak. Thereby, it actually damages your skin especially 3when you come into contact with irritant ants or allergens.


Do you know that you can easily get pneumonia, flu trusted source or even cold trusted source when you expose yourself to dry air? According to the NCBIA 2016 report, there were increased deaths from the flus due to the cold weather snaps during that year. It was pointed out that the indoor heat was a sole culprit.

According to the remedies of that finding, the heated, dry air was seen to prolong the life of those viruses indoors. This also means that dry air is detrimental to your ability to fight viral infections as it weakens and reduces your nasal mucus. The body’s natural defense to fight those germs is also weakened.

Other effects include:

  • Leather accessories to dry out
  • Causes creaky floors
  • Off-key bending musical instruments
  • Breaky wood furniture
  • Creaky floors
  • Cracked wallpaper and also can have a toll on your wine


The effects of dry air can go on and on and it falls squarely upon you to start thinking of getting a cool air into your office and home.


How many times do I have to replace my evaporator panel?

It should be known that some water or evaporator panels may not need replacement. There are some that can be simply cleaned by washing using water and a soft piece of cloth. It would be advisable to change them every once in a year though.

How do these units work?

Most units work by taking moisture from the water you input then evaporate it as warm air oozing from the furnace of the unit.


A dry air furnace is a great accessory to have in your home. It makes your home comfortable any time of day or night. It is therefore vital that you have the best one for the size of your home or office. The above listed options will ensure that you get it right the first time.  Feel free to sample any of these as they may worth your time and money in 2021.


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