Best Humidifier for Snoring (The Ultimate Guide 2022)

Snoring can be irritating, making your partner lose sleep; that is a reason enough to consult a physician as well as getting the best humidifier for snoring.

Since your body produces more mucus when the air is dry, leading to nasal congestion, humidifiers, therefore, add moisture into the dry air giving your throat relief and reduce nasal congestion hence reducing your snoring. This answers the question, does a humidifier help with snoring?

Snoring caused by the surrounding environment and airflow movement can be well managed by a humidifier

Best Humidifiers for Snoring

HumidifierUnique FeatureImageCheck Price
Pure Enrichment MistAireSuitable for low humidity
Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier,It is a Cool Mist Humidifier
LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large RoomSuitable for large rooms
Homech Quiet Ultrasonic HumidifierHas quite operations
ULPOWER 700ml Square AromatherapyEasy to clean
GENIANI Ultrasonic HumidifierEasy to maintain
Homasy Cool Mist HumidifierHas even distribution of moisture
Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for BedroomHas quiet operations

Top Humidifiers for Snoring.

  1. Pure Enrichment MistAire


This is a cool-mist humidifier suitable for low humidity levels in your home. It has a complete set that comes with a disk cleaning brush, humidifier, water tank, and an AC adapter.

Its power consumption is about 120 V. It tops the list of the best humidifier for snoring.

The water tank can hold up to 1.5 liters of water, with a run time of up to 16 hours while operating in high mode.

Its mist production rate is about 150 ml/hour. It comes with a 360-degree nozzle that enables you to adjust the distribution of mist depending on the area that requires moisture.

Pure Enrichment MistAire size measures 9*6*8 inches and weighs 2.27 pounds. Its mist coverage is to an area of up to 250 square feet.

Pure Enrichment MistAire has low noise production; you can therefore sleep well without interference from the humidifier.

It has a speed setting that helps you choose between low and high speed; it is, therefore, easy to operate.

A night light operation mode found in the humidifier helps you impart a glow that soothes during the night. It can therefore be the best for your kids.

When the water runs out, Pure Enrichment MistAire automatically shuts down; this is a way of energy conservation as well as preventing the device from damage.

It resumes its operation immediately after refilling the water tank. It has an elegant design that makes it portable hence can be moved from one room to the other.

Pure Enrichment MistAire is very easy to refill since it is easy to disassemble and assemble.

To clean it up, you only need a brush to remove the debris, hence simple maintenance.

It has a 2-years warrant hence you are assured of replacement in case it fails to serve you within the two years.


  • It covers an area of up to 250 square feet
  • On a high setting, it can operate up to 16 hours continuously
  • Easy cleaning with the use of the brush
  • Its design consumes very little space in your room
  • Has the ability to automatically shut the water runs out.
  • It has quiet operations


  • It leaks slightly and wets the floor
  • Sometimes the nozzle gets stuck


2. Crane Ultrasonic humidifier


Crane Ultrasonic humidifier has a reservoir capacity of up to 1 gallon. It can run up to 24 hours continuously without interruption, covering an area of up to 500 square feet.

It has accessible controls that help you set your desired performance.

Crane Ultrasonic humidifier has a 360 degrees lid; the lid is removable and helps in adjusting the movement of the mist in any direction.

It has a water level sensor that senses then the water is about to run out so that you can refill.

It easy to clean, refill, and operate since the tank is detachable from the bottom.

The humidifier automatically shuts when the water in the tank runs out, to protect the device from damage as well as conserve the energy.

Crane Ultrasonic humidifier has quiet operations that will not disturb you at any time.

It is portable, and can, therefore, be moved from one room to another, hence easy transfer of humidity.

Crane Ultrasonic humidifier has an anti-microbial material that prevents bacteria and mold growth by 99%.

In cases where you are using hard water, the humidifier has an option of fitting filters that help in reducing the mineral level in the water.

Crane Ultrasonic humidifier weighs 4.5 pounds and size measuring  8.6*8.6*13.4 inches.

For those of you with small rooms, you can consider this humidifier for your night.


  • Its teardrop design makes it look good in a bedroom.
  • The presence of filters allows you to use hard water.
  • The automatic shut button protects the device from damage once the water runs out
  • It has a 360-degrees movable lid that distributes moisture evenly.


  • It requires constant refilling
  • Has no essential oil compartment

Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier gives you a peaceful sleep without a snore.




3.LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier

This is another type of the best humidifier for snoring. LEVOIT Humidifier has a water tank capacity of 6 liters, and can continuously operate for up to 36 hours while operating on low humidity mode.

Its mist production level is 500ml/hr that has a powerful coverage of up to 753square feet. It has convenient since it allows the use of remote control from the comfort of your bed.

The presence of an in-built sensor helps in monitoring the water level and shuts it off when the water level runs out.

The humidifier has a wide opening at the base, which makes it easy to clean; during cleaning, ensure water does not reach the air vent.

When the water runs out, the device automatically turns off to prevent damage and conserve energy. It is immediately used after refilling.

It has an essential oil diffuser that allows the user to add oils to give a clean and fresh fragrance all around.

It has a 1-year warranty since the date of purchase. Enjoy your winter with the warm mist.

This humidifier gives you a peaceful night in your large room. Its dual mist design ensures proper humidity in your room.

The cool-mist keeps your skin well hydrated while the warm mist kills the bacteria in water.

Its performance is usually at its best throughout the year since you can go for either of the mist depending on your humidity requirements. The humidifier weighs 4.92 pounds and measures 10.5*11.5*7 inches in size.


  • It is suitable for large rooms
  • It has quiet operations.
  • It comes in a dual mist mode that enables you to switch the mist output depending on mist requirements.
  • It has essential oil compartment that allows you to add oils of your choice for a fresh aroma
  • It allows the use of remote control enables you to operate conveniently from the comfort zone.
  • It can work for long hours without getting low on water.


  • The wide opening at the base may make it not attractive to users
  • If you want to use the cool mist, then filtered water should be used.



4. Homech Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier

This ultrasonic model covers up to 320 square feet. Its water tank capacity is 4 liters and can run for 60 hours at a minimum rate of 60ml/hr up to 300ml/hr on the higher end.

The humidifier has a 360-degree nozzle that is 24 inches in height.

The nozzle ensures even distribution into each corner. It has an automatic unit that shuts the humidifier in case the water runs out.

It has a safety feature; IC board which is waterproof. The IC board has a nanometer layer and a sponge; the sponge helps in the prevention of dust from entering the humidifier via the base as well as absorbing the sound waves.

This, therefore, means the maintenance is low.

It has a wide opening that makes it easy to clean. The presence of a fan helps in drying the tank after cleaning to prevent mold growth.

As the water flow reduces, the humidifier has a unit that gives quiet humidification by producing below 26dB noise.

It weighs 4.09 pounds, measuring 7.5*14.5*11.3 feet


  • It has quiet operations
  • The IC board, the presence of Dry burn protection, and the dust-proof sponge prevent dust from entering the device.  That makes it is easy to maintain.
  • It has a large opening that makes it easy to clean the humidifier.
  • It has a dust-proof sponge that helps absorb the sound waves
  • The automatic feature protects the device from damage when the water runs out.


  • It is hard to refill



5. ULPOWER 700ml Square Aromatherapy

This superior humidifier has qualities that take care of your humidification needs.

This humidifier offers high and low mist output. It has a water tank capacity of 700ml which can work for 10-20 hours depending on the mist mode.

The humidifier has a timer and you, therefore, have options of setting tome depending on humidity requirements.

It has an essential oil diffuser that makes one enjoy the fresh air with fragrance throughout the night.

ULPOWER 700ml Square Aromatherapy has a LED charging light that provides a range of colors.

You will, therefore, enjoy a range of different colors depending on your preference. It measures 5.5*6.3*6.4 inches and 1.7 pounds in weight.

It has a unique design with a wood grain base. The design makes it great and fit to be in your bedroom


  • It offers two services at the same time: a humidifier and an oil diffuser that ensures a night of good sleep.
  • Its size and design make it ideal for small bedrooms.
  • It has an essential oil compartment
  • It is easy to clean and refill
  • It has a color change night light feature


  • It has a small tank capacity
  • It’s only suitable for small rooms




6 GENIANI Ultrasonic Humidifier

This is a cool-mist humidifier with a water tank capacity of 3liters. It can run for 24 hours continuously without interruption.

Its mist output is at a rate ranging from 250-300ml per hour. It comes with a 360- degrees nozzle that helps you to adjust mist distribution and direction as per humidity requirement.

It has an in-built night light feature that helps you sleep in a soothing environment.

It works well without wetting the floor due to the presence of a T-spraying technology that converts water into a fine mist.

The presence of anti-microbial material helps in skin hydration and prevents respiratory diseases.

GENIANI Ultrasonic Humidifier has an auto-shut feature that enables you to turn it off whenever you want to, and when the water in the tank runs out.


  • It is more powerful than other humidifiers in terms of mist output.
  • It does not require filters replacement  hence easy to maintain
  • Has an antimicrobial  feature that prevents respiratory diseases as well as hydrating your skin
  • Has an automatic shut feature that turns it off when the water tank runs dry.


  • it sometimes produces a buzzing sound that can be annoying
  • It has a high rate of water consumption when even at its lowest setting.




7. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifiers

It has a 2.2liters water capacity, with a run time of up to 24 hours continuously.

It ensures a serene atmosphere by keeping the humidity level just as you need it.

Its output rate is more than 180 ml/hr. It is easy to refill and clean due to its design which has 3.2 inches opening.

Homasy Cool Mist Humidifiers has a 360-degree nozzle that helps in even distribution of moisture.

It also has a control knob that helps in adjusting the mist output.

It has an automatic shut feature that protects the device from damage once the water runs out.

Its cleaning and maintenance are manageable due to the presence of a large opening at the base.

If you want to sleep without any form of disturbance, Homasy Cool Mist Humidifiers is the best choice option since it can reduce the noise level up to 28dB.


  • You can easily control mist output due to the presence of a knob
  • It is easy to clean and refill
  •  It has an automatic shut off button that turns off the device when the water tank is empty
  • It has quiet operations


  • It does not have a compartment for essential oils
  • It is not suitable for large rooms.



8. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier

This is a cool-mist humidifier with a water tank capacity of 6 liters. It can continuously run for 50 hours before the tank needs to be refilled.

The humidifier has a 360-degree rotating nozzle; the nozzle helps in the distribution of mist into your room evenly; its mist output covers an area of up to 500 square feet, therefore, suitable for large rooms

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier has an essential oil compartment; you can add essential oils to provide clean and fresh fragrance as you wish; fresh air circulation is enabled by a fan that comes with the humidifier.

This humidifier keeps the moisture level at 43%; this helps in killing bacteria and viruses that are airborne.

The automatic shut button is another feature that comes with Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier.

When the water runs out, the device automatically turns off. It can be used immediately after refilling.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifieris easy to maintain. This is because it does not have filters that need regular cleaning.


  • Presence of essential oil tray helps you add your oils to provide a fresh fragrance
  • It has no filters hence no need for replacement
  • It has a 2-years warranty hence you are assured of replacement within the first 2 years
  • It has quiet operations
  • Mist output can be regulated by the control knob found in the device
  • Its mist output is suitable for large rooms
  • Auto shut button that turns the device off when there is a need to refill.


  • Sometimes the device leak, therefore the mist may wet the floor
  • The humidifier is hard to refill
  • It produces only the cool mist.


Types of humidifiers

When buying a humidifier to help with your snoring, you should consider the noise levels produced by the humidifiers.

The three types of humidifiers that vary in terms of noise levels are;

Cool Mist Evaporative Humidifiers

They produce moisture after water is blown into the filter using a fan.

The operation can be noisy hence may not be recommended for snoring; you and your partner will not have a peaceful sleep. Above all ask yourself does a humidifier help with snoring?

Warm Mist Humidifiers

They turn water into steam using a heating element. They produce less noise compared to the cool mist humidifiers.

In addition to moisture regulation, warm mist humidifiers are recommended for your snoring in case you want to add some heat while in your room.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

These types can produce both cool and warm mist. Since they work by vibrations at an ultrasonic frequency, they are the quietest type of humidifier.

They are therefore recommended for snoring as well as moisture addition.

Apart from using a humidifier, some other methods that help in snore management are;

Keeping off from alcohol; increases the likelihood of snoring since it causes muscle relaxation at the throat.

Staying hydrated; other than keeping your body healthy, Staying hydrated prevents mucus production which causes nasal congestion leading to snoring.

Verdict on the Best Humidifier for Snoring

Although humidifiers help in alleviating snoring symptoms, the cause of snoring is a determinant of whether a humidifier will be effective or not.

Snoring caused by respiratory illnesses and allergies is better managed with a humidifier.

Snoring occurs when there is a vibration of respiratory structures caused by irritant and nasal congestion in your air passage.

To varying degrees, both men and women are affected by snoring throughout the world

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