Do Humidifiers Cool Air in a Room?

Most of us would avoid using a humidifier during the cold season to prevent cooling rooms. I would switch it off, especially during winter. However, how true is it that a humidifier will turn the air in a room cold? No, Humidifiers do not cool the air in the room. In fact, humidifiers do not … Read more

Do Humidifiers Damage Furniture?

Anybody who knows how a humidifier works will worry about whether it can damage furniture. Water sprays may be observed when a humidifier releases humidity into the atmosphere. Too much moisture may cause several home surfaces to face some damage. No, a humidifier that produces the required humidity and has no leaks cannot damage your … Read more

How To Prevent Calcium Buildup In A Humidifier

How To Prevent Calcium Buildup In A Humidifier

Humidifiers are undeniably useful additions to any home. I call them the “unsung heroes of the dry winter months,” as they mitigate the unpleasant and unhealthy effects of high indoor humidity levels. But, like all heroes, they’re not without a fault: calcium buildup. Don’t get me wrong: no one disputes the significance of calcium in … Read more

Where To Place A Humidifier

Where To Place A Humidifier

Did you know that where you place your humidifier will determine how effective it will work for you? When I bought my first humidifier, I almost thought I purchased one that was not working due to uneven humidity distribution in my living room. Only the immediate area to the humidifier was high in humidity, while … Read more

Can I Put Vanilla Extract In My Humidifier?

Can I Put Vanilla Extract In My Humidifier?

Vanilla extract is well-known for its culinary applications. It’s a staple in many baked goods, ice cream, and other sweet treats. Plus, it has a delightful fragrance: sweet and warm with hints of vanilla bean. And the flavour? A delicate hint of sweetness that complements just about any dish. Therefore, it is not surprising that … Read more

Using a humidifier without a filter

using a humidifier without a filter

Does your home feel like it is arid and dry? Or perhaps experience your skin is becoming drier than usual? These are signs of a home with low humidity levels. In most cases, you are likely to experience low humidity levels during the winter season or when living in dry regions. Low humidity is expected … Read more

Are Humidifiers Safe For Dogs?

are humidifiers safe for dogs?

Are Humidifiers Safe for Dogs? As a dog owner, ensuring that getting a humidifier is safe for my dog was a priority. I had to conduct thorough research so that all family members, including my pets, had a conducive environment despite the introduction of a humidifier. From my research, I learned a bunch of things … Read more

What to put in a humidifier to prevent mold

Low humidity levels in the air are the leading reason why most people suffer from allergic reactions when staying indoors for a long time. Some of these allergic reactions include dry skin and lips and breathing problems. Specialists propose using humidifiers to increase and maintain the required humidity levels. It will help alleviate the allergies … Read more