Is Low Humidity Bad For Electronics?

is low humidity good for electronics?

Is low humidity bad for electronics? Electrical appliances should be kept away from water. High humidity scenarios are risky for electronics. Averagely, high humidity levels start from 50% and above. The relative humidity measures the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. Environments with relatively low humidity levels are likely to lead to electrostatic discharges … Read more

Best Filter-less Humidifiers

If you reside in an area where winters are incredibly chilly and dry, investing in a humidifier is a smart move. Humidifiers add humidity to your surroundings as they enhance your home’s, room’s, or office’s humidity. However, replacing filters on these humidifiers is tricky and expensive. Due to this, choosing a filter-free humidifier is the … Read more

The best dehumidifier for drying clothes

During that wet weather season of the year drying clothes becomes a challenge since most people are resolved to drying clothes indoors. Drying your clothes indoors might take forever no matter how you spread them around the house. Also, you may find that your house becomes dump and filled with moisture which causes health risks. … Read more