How Close Should You Sleep To a Humidifier

How close should you sleep to a humidifier? Deciding the ideal place to set your humidifier around your home, and more so in the bedroom can be daunting.

This is even more challenging as there is minimal information on how close to the humidifier you should sleep.

The manual also has no instructions about the same, and there is also limited information about the topic around the internet too. 

Considering that bedrooms are usually small compared to living rooms, getting the ideal spot to place the unit can be a challenge. Additionally, if overused, some humidifiers like ultrasonic units can cause condensation.

Therefore, before deciding on where you will place it, you will require to do thorough research.

However, that should not limit you from getting a humidifier for your home. With this article, we’ll share specific details on the type of surface to place the device as well as the safe distance, especially within bedrooms.

Therefore, you will be satisfied with your investment as the humidifier will work towards creating a healthy environment for your loved ones.

Is Sleeping With a Humidifier Safe

Of course, it is safe to sleep with a humidifier in the bedroom. During the winter seasons, the air can be quite dry. Humidifiers, on the other hand, help in adding moisture to the air hence allowing you to enjoy quality air. It also eliminates the issues of dry throat and other respiratory-related issues.

Therefore, if you sleep with the device in the room, it allows you to enjoy quality air even in your dreams. Also one can consider choosing the best humidifier for snoring.

However, if you are a first-timer, it is essential to pay close attention to how your environment and body react to the device.

For people with allergens or other health conditions, it is also essential to consult with your physician before you start using the unit. This way, you will have your doctor’s approval on which humidifier is appropriate for your health.

Additionally, if you intend to use the humidifier in the bedroom, ensure to keep it clean and often monitor the humidity levels. Luckily, there are brands that design humidifiers with humidity detector.

This ensures one to detect the level of humidity in the room to avoid over-humidification.

Therefore, you will not have to keep waking up to either turn it on/off when you should be resting. On the other hand, the detectors will ensure that your room has a perfect humidity balance hence making your space a haven of good health.

Additionally, when you are shopping for a humidifier that you can use in the bedroom, consider one with low noise emission.

The purpose of sleeping is so as you can get to relax your body without interactions from surrounding. However, when there is excess noise in a room, sleeping can be a challenge.

Therefore, it is ideal that you get one with low noise emission for a peaceful sleep. Ultrasonic humidifiers are the most appropriate units for bedroom use.

They have ultra-silent performance allowing you to enjoy quality sleep without possible noise. Therefore, even when you have been through hard times, the device will not affect your sleeping schedule.

However, with ultrasonic humidifiers, you will require to be extra keen in monitoring its operation. The unit tends to over humidify the room and can easily cause mold to form.

Therefore, you have to ensure that you are constantly present and take action whenever you spot anything that is beyond the usual.

Where to Put the Humidifier in the Bedroom

People often tend to put humidifiers closer to the bed for easy control with minimal movement while sleeping. However, the most ideal and recommended distance between your bed and the humidifier should be at least 3-feet.

This guarantees that you are not directly exposed to the moisture that is being emitted by the device. Therefore, it allows equal/even distribution of moisture across the entire room. Therefore, you will be guaranteed that the air quality in the room is the same hence providing you quality air across the room.

Additionally, when the device is placed at least 3-feet away from the bed, you minimize the chances of been woken up by the beeping sound that the device keeps producing. Therefore, it will allow you to experience quality sleeping sessions with minimal external interruptions.

Even the humidifiers that have little noise emission, when the motor is running, it will make a disturbing noise. This will make it difficult for you to sleep, especially if you are not used to sleeping in places with noise. However, when you have a small distance between the bed and the gadget, this noise will not be an issue.

Additionally, when they are switched on, humidifiers have a display or bright light. Since there is no possible way of turning the light off, the much you can do with some devices is to deem the lights. This can distract your sleep, especially if the light shines directly towards you when you are sleeping.

However, when there is a distance between your bed and the humidifier, that light may not be an issue while you sleep. Therefore, it will allow you to enjoy quality air and still maintain your sleeping habits without having to compromise anything to accommodate the humidifier.

Additionally, placing the device at least 3-feet away allows you to have sufficient space to stretch without the risks of knocking it off.

Also, when it’s closer, you get the option of moving it closer to you when the night is chilly to enjoy some warm mist through the hot steam. This is convenient, especially when you are feeling sick, and your nose and throat keep blocking.

Should Humidifiers Be On The Table Or Floor?

Humidifiers can be placed either on the floor or a table and still perform better. However, it is recommended to place it at least 2-feet above the floor. Placing the humidifier at an elevated stand minimizes the risks of people tripping over it as they walk.

Therefore you are guaranteed that your gadget will be secure and will continue to provide you with exceptional performance.

Additionally, when placing it on a table, you have to ensure that there is a tray in between the humidifier and the tap. This will help protect your table from spills due to excess moisture droplets.

When the moisture emitted from the device falls on a table directly or on other surfaces that are not water-friendly, it will accelerate mold formation. In return, this will not only risk damaging the humidifier but also risk your health.

However, if you don’t have a secure stand where you can place the humidifier, you don’t have to stress yourself over the issue. You can still use it while placed on the floor and still enjoy the same quality performance.

However, while on the table, it is essential to ensure you have a tray that is water-resistant to avoid damaging the floor of your home.

Regardless of where you place the humidifier, it will still distribute quality air in the room and allow you to experience the best of every minute. However, you should avoid placing it under direct sunlight or the windows. This will ensure that the humidified air remains within the room hence keeping your family safe.

When to Use the Humidifiers

According to the environmental protection agency (EPA), the humidity level in a room at any given time should be kept below 60%. When the weather is not as friendly, however, the humidity level should range between 30% to 50%.

Anything below 30% could cause health issues, while if the level goes beyond 60%, it can lead to hygiene issues due to mold and bacteria development.

Therefore, if you are considering getting a humidifier for your home, you have to ensure you know how to read the humidity levels in the room.

The purpose of the device is to boast the humidity levels by moisturizing the air. If your room has high humidity levels, then you will not require to invest in humidifiers.

To check whether you need a humidifier and when you should use them will, therefore, be determined by the air quality.

For instance, if you often experience sinus irritation, nosebleeds, or dry skin/dry throat, then it’s a sign you should start using the humidifier. However, several other reasons could indicate you need to use humidifiers over the basic health conditions.

Final Thoughts

As you focus on finding the ideal spot to place the humidifier, it is vital to consider finding a spot where it will provide the best services. The idea of having a humidifier is to ensure that it moisturizes your air and protects you from inhaling dry air. Therefore, finding a place where it will function to its best could be more profitable.

Additionally, when you are shopping for humidifiers to use in the bedrooms, it is essential to find one that is designed specifically for use in the bedroom. This way, regardless of where you place it, you are guaranteed that it will not affect your resting routine and will provide you with quality and healthy air all the time.

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