Privacy Policy

This site is committed to ensuring that we protect the information of every site visitor. Therefore we have formulated a privacy policy that is free of access to all site users and that we adhere to. The privacy policy is transparent and easy to understand. In case you have any questions regarding clarification of the policies, ensure to contact us prior to agreeing to it.

This privacy policy is intended to help you understand how we collect personal information and use it. Once you visit this site, ensure that you read the privacy policy before you can continue to provide us with any of your personal details. Using this site confirms that you are in agreement with all the policies that have been outlined in this privacy policy.  The practices entailed are reviewed from time to time and they can be updated leading to changes. In case there are new changes, we will ensure to inform you so that you can read the new policy. The changes will not affect any activity prior to the amendments. If you do not agree to changes and you feel that they do not serve you in the best way, you are free to terminate your account or services.

 The information that you provide to us is stored safely in our secure server and only used according to this policy. As much as we use trusted security services to store collected information, we also advise our site users to use anti-virus software, firewalls or any other precautions that will keep you safe from security threats. It should be noted that this privacy policy is exceptional for this particular website.

If you choose to link other web pages while using this site ensure to read their privacy policy first. We may work with other third-party companies that provide us with certain services. These sites have their own privacy policy that you should check as this one does not apply to them. If you do not agree with the policies discussed here, please do not use this site.

Collection of Information and Use

We collect information when users visit the site and they provide us with the necessary details required to enable rendering of our services. The information is stored as-is meaning that we do not tamper with users’ information. The information we collect includes names, contact details such as email addresses and postal addresses, country, cities and phone number. The only time that we store such information is when it has been voluntarily submitted by our site visitors.

 The reason as to why we collect this information is to ensure that we are able to satisfy the request of every site visitor. This makes it easy for us to ensure that every user is satisfied. However, the information may be used differently but only when a user gives us permission to do so. This may involve sending you emails to update you on things that you may be interested in. We may also use your information for cookie and tracking technology. The cookie technology is used to track the number of visitors that come to the site. This helps us to know the traffic that our site is getting. It may also be used to get other information such as the browser that is used by site users.  The cookies also help us add additional features leading to the customization of the site to a more user-friendly one.

 In addition, we are able to track activities of site visitors so that we can improve on the most requested services. Your contact details are important to use in ensuring that we are able to communicate with site visitors that have enquiries. This ensures that we are able to maintain a good relationship with our site visitor and offer as much help as we can. We also use these contact details to ensure that we are available to offer contact support to our users 24/7. It is through use of your information that we are able to listen to your complaints and handle them in the best way possible. We may also use the information for our internal activities such as surveys and data analysis processes.

Access and Sharing of Information.

This site does not share users’ personal information to other parties. However, there are situations where sharing of the information is inevitable. For example, the law may require us to share information for various reasons. The information may be shared if it is permitted by the law due to unavoidable circumstances. It is also shared when there has been a fraudulent activity that is under control.

This information is needed in such cases so as to follow up on the action and try to prevent more damage. This information may also be shared when there is a risk and we are trying to avoid any damage from occurring. We, therefore, may provide third parties handling the investigation with your personal information.

Companies that provide us with technology services may also have access to this information. Such services include web hosting, software suppliers and maintenance support and security services. These are essential services providers that ensure all functions of this site run smoothly.

 However, we have strict guidelines that ensure these parties do not use the users’ personal information for advertisements or any actions of that nature.  There are limited employees that are allowed to have access to this information.  These employees must have signed and agreed to protect users’ information at all cost. This minimizes the risk of having the information leaked to unauthorized people.

If a user agrees to receive any emailing or newsletter from this site, they have the option to opt-out in future. Our company will never receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information. The only time when we may send you electronic communications without your consent is when we are required to do so by the authorities or for purposes of account administration.  

Access and Update of The Information.

People’s information keeps changing and that is why we give our users the right to have access to their information. You will have to follow the required steps to access this information. If you feel that you need to update your details for whatever reasons, you will also be directed on the procedures to follow to complete the action. We respect the freedom of information law and so we allow people to ensure that their information is accurate and up to date. Our privacy officer is always ready to asset our site visitors on access and update of their details.

Complaint Handling.

On this site, we welcome feedback about the privacy issue. It is your feedback that helps us know the areas that we can improve on to ensure that our site users are fully satisfied and that they feel safe when giving us their personal information. If you feel there is something you need to know about how we collect, store or share your information, make sure to reach out to our privacy officer. The officer takes a few days to respond to your question. Any issue reported to us is addressed in accordance with the privacy policy law and regulations. We take the privacy matter very seriously and we treat all site visitors’ collected information respectfully