Terms of Use

We offer this site to our users subject to the following outline terms of use. By visiting this site you confirm that you have read and accepted these terms. Therefore before taking any action on this site, we encourage that you carefully read and understand these terms.  In case you do not agree to these terms, you are not authorized to use the site or any services offered here. 

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Changes and Update of the Terms.

Once in a while, we review and update our terms of services for various reasons such as changes in laws or services offered. This may involve removing or adding the terms. If that happens, we will ensure to post the updated terms for you to take action and indicate our date of revision. We will also ensure to inform our users concerning the updates. If you choose to continue using our site and services, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to our new updated terms. If you dislike the new terms then you are allowed to sign out of the site and discontinue use of our services.


It should be noted that all content found in this site such as logos, designs, files, images, button icons, texts, among others is our property or the property of our content suppliers. It should therefore not be copied, downloaded and shared with the intention of benefiting other business merchants. In case any of our site user is interested in using any of our content, they should ensure to liaise with us first to get. We allow our site users to make use of our content but not to download it and use it elsewhere. Such cases will lead to termination of account and services. Any medial file or content that is taken from our site should only be used with our permission and credits given to us or our suppliers. Our content and that of our content creators is protected by copyright law. This means that unauthorized use may lead to legal action being taken and this may attract penalties. Our trademarks and those of other parties that we work with should not be used without permission. You are expected to read trademark laws and understand them before you choose to use another person’s trademark.

Comments, Communications and Posting of Content.

Site users are allowed to give their reviews, ideas or suggestions in our site. However, any information posted should be in accordance to our guidelines as well as the law. This means that we do not allow users to send threats to other users. Other activities that are not in line with our guidelines include spamming. Use of a false email address or impersonating other people is also not allowed. Any content posted on our site should be free from copyright. As a user, you need to know that we do not take account for our users’ activities like posting content that belongs to someone else. If such an issue is reported to us, you will have to pay for the consequences. We do not own content that is posted by our site visitors.  Users are also not allowed to send software that may contain viruses to other people. This may lead to personal information being liked or damage to devices being used by our site visitors.

 The content you post should not expose anyone. You should also not post anything that is related to a 13-year-old person or younger. It is against our rules to post anything that may harm others mentally, physically or emotionally. Users are not allowed to intimidate each other.  Our license requires that any content you post you should own it and it should be free from the above-addressed issues. We have the right to edit or completely remove content that goes against our terms of use. We have the right to do this without consulting you. In case you require to open an account on our site, agreeing to these terms means that the information you will provide during account opening is true. You should not use anyone’s information when creating an account. Opting to own an account means that you are of the legal age do so. This means that any action taken by your account is your full responsibility we also have the right to limit or completely terminate your account if we suspect that you are not using it in the right way. We may also contact you regarding your account and that is why you are required to provide us with your genuine information. We do not allow a single user to recreate several accounts. Therefore, we can ban the use of several emails. Users are not allowed to post content for third parties or encourage third parties to post for the content on our site. Every user should post for themselves and own up the content.

Our site does not allow people to post content that offers, promotes, advertises or provides links to products and services. This would mean that we offer these services for free which is not the case. Any third party seeking to advertise services or products through our site should do it the legal way. In such cases, a company or an individual will be directed on how to carry out this professionally. For advertisements, our site may charge a fee in accordance to contract agreement between both parties. You are responsible for any fees applicable to content that you choose to post. You, therefore, give permission to our designated payment processor to chard your debit card, credit card or any other mode of transaction that is acceptable.


As a user, you need to know that your access to, use of and reliance on our sites, services and content accessed through our site is entirely at your own risk. Our services and content including but not limited to programs and forums are provided on an as-is basis.

We also disclaim all warranties with respect to;

1.       Performance of our site.

Our site may not always be available to offer you services in accordance with your expectations. The site may also be down sometimes due to technical issues.

2.       Timelessness.

The information that you find on our site may sometimes be outdated as we keep adding content on our site and things keep changing.

3.       Errors.

Our site content may not always be perfect. It is subject to inaccuracy and errors.

4.       Computer worms, viruses, malware, malicious code or harmful content received through the use of our site or through our content and services.

We accepted any feedback regarding our site and our terms use form out site users. You should, therefore, feel free to contact us regarding such issues.