The best dehumidifier for drying clothes

During that wet weather season of the year drying clothes becomes a challenge since most people are resolved to drying clothes indoors. Drying your clothes indoors might take forever no matter how you spread them around the house. Also, you may find that your house becomes dump and filled with moisture which causes health risks. People dealing with respiratory issues may be at a greater risk with the moisture in the house.

A dehumidifier makes drying of clothes indoors more bearable and eliminates the risk of having moisture around your home or creating mould. It will actively get rid of the moisture in the air when you are drying your clothes at home. Also, a dehumidifier fastens clothe drying and they soft dry when you dry them at home.

So yes, a dehumidifier is a great investment and a wise purchase. Are you looking to purchase a good and reliable dehumidifier? Then you are at the right place. This article is focused o on the the best dehumidifier for drying clothes

  1. Ebac 2650e 18 Litre Dehumidifier

Ebac is a popular best-selling brand for most dehumidifiers made in British. The company has a wide range of dehumidifiers but we choose to focus on the 2650e since it has settings that are laundry specific. The Ebac 2650e dehumidifier is manufactured with the British climate in mind which makes it perfect for drying clothes in confined areas.

The ‘laundry boost mode’ works more powerfully in the dehumidifying process. Most users have testified to the dehumidifier working better than a normal airer. It is also more fast than an airer thus allowing you to dry your clothes faster indoors.

If you are looking for something that you could move around the house and one that does not take up too much space then Ebac 2650e is the best choice. It measures 27 X 34 X 55. This measurement makes it more compact to move around your house and also it does not take up too much of your space at home.

The Ebac 2650e dehumidifier is also a bit noisy only when it’s drying clothes. Other than that it may have a refrigerator noise after it is done drying clothes but users still say that it is so noisy. Moreover, this dehumidifier will not take up a lot of energy. It is built with an energy saving mode that uses smart technology and powers down the dehumidifier after enough moisture is taken. This machine also has an indicator that will tell you when the water tank is already full.

The Ebac 2650e dehumidifier may not be cheap but it is easy-to-use energy saving, quieter and also excellent in drying clothes. To seal the deal and establish trust the machine has a 5 year warranty so that the customer will be sure to get worth for their hard earned money.


  • Removes 18 L of moisture a day
  • Quiet
  • British made
  • Has a laundry mode
  • 5 year warranty


  • No wheels
  • Expensive


  1. Ariston DEOS 16s Dehumidifier

Ariston too is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing water heaters and other appliances since 1960. This is a great reason to trust this brand since they have shown that they can be trusted with electric home appliances. As expected, this dehumidifier has a lot of amazing features that makes it great.

First Ariston DEOS 16s Dehumidifier, has a 16 litre water capacity and can be kept at a 38 metres squared area. It also has a laundry mode which makes it even better for laundry. It has a thermostat that shows the level of humidity in your home. A built-in timer is also one of the good features of this dehumidifier.

If you are looking for a quiet dehumidifier, then this is the best on our list. At 42 Dbs, it is one of the most quiet dehumidifiers you can ever get. Most users compare its noise to that of a desk fan. Due to this feature this dehumidifier serves well especially at homes where there are small children who cannot sleep through noise.

If you feel like most dehumidifiers may fill your house with odour, this machine is not it. It has an anti-odour filter that filters out any bad odour thus improving the quality of the air at your home. So in addition to removing condensation from your and subsequently avoiding mould, this machine does improve the quality of your home.

The water tank is at 3 litres which means that the dehumidifier can hold a considerable amount of water before you empty it out. You do not have to keep emptying out the water every time.

Its size is also amazing. It is a 53 X 40.5 X 29 size which makes it the size of most carry-on suitcases. It also has wheels so that you can easily move it around the house.

Additionally, you will get a 2-year guarantee over the Ariston DEOS 16 s dehumidifier making it much better than most dehumidifier manufacturers.


  • Portable since it has wheels
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Air filter.
  • Laundry setting


  • Uses a lot of energy compared to larger models
  • No hose included for drainage.


  1. Duron DH20 Dehumidifier

Another on our list is the Duron DH20 dehumidifier which is an XL dehumidifier from the Duron manufacturers. It has a laundry mode and a set of other amazing features that makes it stand out among other dehumidifiers.

It is set at 320 W which makes it a bit more expensive but not to worry since this dehumidifier has settings that will help in energy conservation. For instance, when it reaches the targeted humidity, it will shut down on its own and leave the fan on at a very low speed. This feature will greatly save on your energy at home.

Also, as you most people would expect, the machine comes with a drainage hose so that you can set and forget. It also has a very huge 4 L water capacity which will require you to change after 6 hours of continuously using it to dehumidify your home.

The reservoir is also easy to handle and spill out the water since it is shaped like a jug and it also has a handle. Some people might think this is stupid but some reservoirs are built in a rectangular shape. The reservoirs in rectangular shape are difficult to handle and spill out the water from them. They are also very difficult to pull out of the machine.

Also, you do not have to be worried when the reservoir is full and you are not around to change it. The Duron DH20 dehumidifier will automatically shut down, preventing excess humidity from accumulating in the reservoir.

There is one downside to this dehumidifier; the placement of the original digital control panel. You will notice that some other dehumidifiers will have it on the front. However, there is a reason for that… having the digital control panel means that you have to squat much further to look at it and do some further settings.


  • 4 L water reservoir
  • Laundry Mode
  • Power saving
  • Has wheels
  • Auto power-off




  • Increased electricity usage.


  1. Netta Dehumidifier 12L Daily

If you are looking for an extra small humidifier, then this is the best for you. It can fit in the bathroom or in your laundry area. Most people have said that it works well for those who are in flats. So this means that it can work very well for small spaces around your home.

Although this is a very small dehumidifier, it has got a lot of power thus making it the best dehumidifier for small spaces. Most users have testified that this dehumidifier is so powerful that considering its size no one would think that such a dehumidifier would work powerfully.

To understand the power that this dehumidifier holds, it dries a king-size bed and two towels overnight. That means that it could dry a heap of clothes in a very short span of time. When one is not using it to dry clothes, some users have noticed how much it has transformed their houses and flats too.

So doe to its small size you can use it efficiently, use it on a flat and you can also use it to transform your home. Apart from having a hose which most of the small dehumidifiers do not have, it also has an ionizer which most dehumidifiers do not have.

In terms of power the Netta Dehumidifier uses 220W which means it can cost around 15 P when running for four hours. You can run the humidifier at night just to take advantage of the cheaper rates at night.

The Netta dehumidifier is great for people or pets at home that may be suffering from respiratory issues since the machine helps to improve the quality of the air around your home.


  • Has an ionizer
  • Cheap to use
  • Draining hose
  • Ideal for small homes


  • Manual not in clear English
  • Small coverage


  1. EcoAir DC18 Portable dehumidifier

Ecoair humidifier is another great humidifier for drying your clothes indoors. This humidifier has a laundry setting that sets the dehumidifier to work continuously until the large 3.5 L tank is full. If it is full, you will have to turn it off and empty the water tank.

Also, according to the title, this dehumidifier is portable and you can move it all around the house. However, it is 50 X 20 X 30 so it would be quite impossible to store it on your shelf. However, this large capacity enables you to put it in your bathroom or in your utility room.

This is the best dehumidifier especially if you are continuously drying your clothes indoors. The machine will suck up all the condensation that creates mold and for that you will not feel like you are in a rainforest when you are getting your laundry.

If your home attracts a lot of dust, this is the best dehumidifier. It has a filter that catches dust and you will have to clean it fortnightly. Not to worry, you will only have to run it over water or you can also run a vacuum over it. Also, the machine will signal you when you have to clean this filter by lighting a light on. This is a great feature for a good dehumidifier.

This feature is even great where you have kids or pets that are susceptible to the harm that dust causes. Also, cleaning the filter is not as difficult and you will only need a few minutes to clean it and take it back to your machine.

Another bigger plus is that this humidifier has a continuous hose which means that it can drain itself if full. If you do not set the hose up, you will need to empty the water tank after 4 hours of continuous use.

Sometimes the water tanks may get very heavy when full and it is difficult to stop water from sloping all over. Luckily the dehumidifier has wheels that enable you to move the machine around with total ease.

You also do not have to lose your sleep over the noise of a dehumidifier. Most people have attested to the fact that they have slept soundly with this dehumidifier whirring in their homes. It is not noisy, the noise it emits resembles the noise of an oven fan.


  • Laundry setting
  • Has wheels
  • A continuous hose
  • Easy to use
  • 5 l Water reservoir


  • Too big for a shelf


Things to consider when buying a dehumidifier

Now that you have decided to purchase a dehumidifier, you may get confused by all the varieties that are available in the market for you to buy. However, you can check out a few things that you can do to ensure that you buy the best dehumidifier.

Continuous drainage

Sometimes having to change your water tank every day can become tiresome and this is where a continuous drainage comes in. It is advisable that you get a dehumidifier with a continuous drainage that will save you the agony of having to keep changing the water tank every few hours.

If you can find your dehumidifier a place close to the sink or a drainage so that you can continue to drain. This will save you the trouble of having to empty the water tank now and then. Most dehumidifiers will have a continuous drainage hose so you do not have to worry about finding one.

Laundry mode

If you are always drying your clothes indoors, you will need a dehumidifier that has a laundry mode. The mode fastens the fan thus making the air dry and subsequently drying up the clothes.


The size of the dehumidifier will greatly depend on two things; where you are going to place it and the amount of moisture emitted in your home. It is advisable to buy larger units because they are able to cover large areas over shorter periods.

Also consider placing the dehumidifier where the air is not restricted. You also need to ensure that the place will not be altered since the machine will stay there for a longer time.

Size of the water tank

Another important aspect you need to consider is the size of the water since it will determine how many times you will need to keep emptying it. Generally, the larger the water tank your dehumidifier has the better.

Your budget

Your budget is also another great aspect to consider when you decide to buy a dehumidifier. This will also depend on the amount of space you need to dry every day. If you want it to dry a small space, then the mini dehumidifiers are the best since they are relatively cheap and they don’t use up too much energy.

On the other hand the more powerful a dehumidifier is the more power it uses and they are also expenses. So your budget will also depend on the amount of space that you need your dehumidifier to work on.


Some dehumidifiers have filters that will help you clear the air of large particles, germs and dust to give you fresh and better quality of air. The machine will capture dust and other dirt particles and emit the fresh air into the air giving you a better quality of air.

If you feel that your house is sometimes filled up with dust, then a dehumidifier with a filter is the best option for you.



Below are some most asked questions about dehumidifiers and their answers.

  1. Should I place my dehumidifier machine high or lower?

The dehumidifier should always be kept on the coolest areas on the ground. It should be kept where moisture will accumulate more. It does not matter whether it’s upstairs or downstairs but it should always be kept where it’s the coolest and moisture accumulates a lot.

  1. What is the best time to use a dehumidifier?

The best time to use a dehumidifier is at 10pm and at 7 am. At this time you will notice that most energy companies will charge a lower rate since only a few people are using power. Using the dehumidifier at this time of the day will save you a lot of energy and eventually save you money.

  1. Is it fine if I sleep in a room or a house with a dehumidifier?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to sleep in the same house with a dehumidifier. However, if you will be using a noisy dehumidifier, then you want to worry about the noise the dehumidifier emits as you sleep.

  1. Do dehumidifiers dehydrate you?

Dehumidifiers are manufactured to only absorb the moisture in the air. If you wake up in the morning feeling dehydrated, it might be lack of water, dry air, or allergies. A dehumidifier will never dehydrate you even if you sleep with it in the same room.


Bottom line

After reading the article above you now have all the knowledge you need to buy a good dehumidifier. Overall a good humidifier should serve its function well no matter how large or small it is. Also it should meet your budget and all your needs so it is wise to take your time, research and ensure that you get a good dehumidifier

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